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Welcome to Marwah Dairy Farm

We, Marwah Dairy Farm are a wholesaler, supplier, and trader specialized in dealing in several breeds of cattle. We have been in the business of delivering pure breed cows, buffaloes and bulls since 1950. We provide the right techniques to obtain large amounts of milk with our herd of cattle. HF Cows, Sahiwal Cows, Sahiwal Bull, Murrah Buffaloes, Murrah Bull, Kankarej Cow is available at our farm. Our offered Cows and Buffaloes are disease-free and prosper on a healthy diet and they are kept in a hygienic environment. Our cattle, such as Murrah Buffalo and HF Cow, are known for producing abundant milk. Furthermore, they have a high reproductive rate and high butterfat content; their milk is well-known for producing high protein content to the end-user. However, these are not the only animals we deal in; we also provide consumers with reliable well-bred Sahiwal Bulls. As responsible traders and suppliers, we work hard and take care of them till they are dispatched. Furthermore, all of the livestock animals that we offer are affordably priced.

Customers can get cows and buffaloes of almost any breed and milk-yielding capacity they prefer. Visit our website for a complete list of dairy farm animals.

Mr. Jaspreet Marwah

 is the company’s owner, and his goal is to run the company and establish customer trust. His vast knowledge and experience enable him to provide consulting services and assist clients in getting the optimum cattle for their needs while keeping within their budget. Our renowned position in this industry is an outcome of his dedication, hard work, and inventive strategies. He provides suitable guidance to dairy farm owners and managers in areas such as animal nutrition, breeding, animal health care, milk procurement, processing, advertising, and training.

Why Marwah Dairy Farm?

We have over 70 years of expertise in the dairy industry and have seen continuous expansion and long-term success in the cattle industry. Our high-quality services prompted us to research new approaches and ways for completing tasks accurately and efficiently.

Hygiene Accommodation

We believe in practice ethical animal care, and we provide utmost care them. We understand the cattle shelter requirements and the best environment for them. Our assigned specialists ensure that the cattle get sufficient grass, that their habitat is healthy and free of disease.

Caretaker Team

Maintaining and caring for the animals is a difficult task. Keeping this in mind, we’ve engaged the services of some expert animal caretakers. They can handle the cattle’s anger with sensitivity and care. Our caretakers look after the animals’ feeding, sleep, vaccination, and bathing, as well as taking the cattle out to graze in the field.

Nutritious Feed

We care for our cattle as they are part of our family. We keep them on priority. So, we feed our animal’s nutritious food to keep them healthy. To meet their nutritional requirements, we fed them high-quality hay and pasture. Moreover, we provide clean water and freshly grown grains to ensure that they can remain fit and healthy.

Medical Health Facilities

With the guidance of veterinary professionals, we provide proper vaccination to the cattle while keeping their health in mind. Regularly, our appointed doctors undertake health checks on the entire dairy animals. In addition, we strictly adhere to all medical experts’ recommendations on the health of the cattle. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a leading dairy farm in the breeding and supply of pure cattle, as well as to share our knowledge and encourage prospective dairy farmers to get success in their business.

Our Vision

We put a high priority on livestock farming. Based on economically sustainable company performance throughout the value chain, our vision is to become a successful dairy producer and a profitable, efficient, and environmentally growing dairy sector.

Company key features:

  • Strong industrial reputation
  • Ethical business practices
  • Trusted vendors
  • High immunity animals
  • Reasonable cost
  • Maximum client satisfaction
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