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HF cow supplier in Karnal- Marwah Dairy Farm

Based in Karnal (Haryana, India), we, Marwah Dairy Farm is a proud owner of a massively spread and well-built farm, where cattle are kept for sale and purchase purposes. Our live stock Karnal range includes HF cows, Murrah Buffaloes, Murrah Bulls, Sahiwal cows, Sahiwal bulls, Kankarej cows, and many more breeds.

Marwah Dairy Farm is a widely recognized HF cow supplier in Karnal that provides healthy and high milk-yielding livestock. We have a team of professionals who maintain their health, well-being, and milk production. Our dairy farm animals are fed with fresh and nutritious feed for proper growth. In addition, we ensure that our farm animals get timely vaccinations from expert veterinarians. This keeps them away from catching any infection. We believe in handling the farm animals with love and care so that their productivity increases and attain good temperaments.

HF Cow

Holstein Friesian Cow, also known as HF Cow, is the world’s most famous cow. It produces the greatest amount of milk. A Holstein cow is a breed of the cow found primarily in northern Holland and Friesland, hence its name Holstein Friesian (HF). Each HF bread cow gives approximately 8,000 liters of milk per year, which means 27,000 liters of milk produced in a lifetime. Now, the HF cow breed is available all over the world.

The milk produced by the HF cow has low butterfat content. It has the ability to produce about 35- 40 kg of milk every day and around 4500 – 8000 kg annually. The gestation period of an HF cow is nine months.

History of Holstein Cows

The first Holstein cows appeared about 2,000 years ago in the Netherlands. A new breed was developed through the cross-breeding of two Gauge breeds from Germany. This breed was called Holstein Frecienen. Despite limited food resources, the breed produced high milk production.

Previously, this breed was called Holstein-Friesians, but now it is simply known as Holstein. There is still a Friesian breed present, but it is different from the Holstein breed.

Physical characteristics of HF cow

  1. Color

 A Holstein cow is usually black and white in color, though some have been seen in a black, red, and white combination.

  1. Bodyweight

A healthy Holstein Friesian calf should weigh 40- 50 kg or 75- 110 lbs or more at the time of birth. The mature Holstein Friesian cow is 689- 770 kg or 1500- 1700 pounds.

  1. Height

The height of the Holstein Friesian cow is generally around 145- 165 centimeters or 58- 65 inches.

  1. Head 

The HF cow has a very long and comparatively narrow head.

  1. Temperament

The Holstein Friesian Cow has a very cool nature. Therefore, they can easily adapt to the dairy environment.

Advantages of HF cow

  • High milk yielding
  • High income over feed costs
  • Only 3.5% fat content of milk
  • Unequaled genetic abilities
  • Easily adaptable

If you are interested in buying a high-quality HF cow or any other breed, feel free to contact us. We will arrange a special meeting with you and fully satisfy you with our live stock Karnal range. Also, you can visit our website to get a complete list of dairy farm animals.



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