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What factors determine the price of a Murrah buffalo- Marwah Dairy Farm

Every Murrah buffalo has different characteristics and its price varies according to them. Some buffaloes are short, some are well built. Only an experienced dairy farmer’s eye can judge these characteristics. We can help you in deciding the best buffalo. There are various factors that determine the price of a Murrah buffalo. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Milk yield

Since the Murrah buffalo is primarily bought for its high milk yield capacity. The milk yield at the time of purchasing the buffalo along with the projected yield per lactation plays a vital role in determining the price of the Murrah buffalo.

2.Genetics of the buffalo

The cost of the Murrah buffalo is highly dependent on its genetics. The better the genetic heredity line is, the high will be the cost of the buffalo. Thus, always ask for the genetic line from your Dairy Murrah Buffalo Supplier.

3. Structure of the buffalo

The structure is one of the main determinants of price. Murrah buffalo comes in different sizes, structures, and shapes. For example, a Murrah buffalo with good height, heavy frame costs more than the one that is short heighted and have a comparatively lighter frame. Additionally, curved horns are often a preferred choice among buyers which corresponds to higher price.

4. Calf gender

The gender of the calf can increase or decrease the cost of the Murrah buffalo. If the buffalo has a female calf, its price increases. But if the high-yielding buffalo has a male calf, with good genetics will also fetch a high price.

5. Lactation cycle 

The lactation cycle of a buffalo is a highly important factor that is considered by almost every buyer. A first lactation buffalo with a high milk yield will have a high cost because it is projected that in its second lactation, it will even produce higher milk. But if a fourth lactation buffalo is producing the same milk yield as that of the second lactation, it will fetch a less price.

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