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Gir Cow Supplier

Marwah Dairy Farms is a renowned Gir cow supplier. Gir Cow is known for having a longer life span, more lactation periods, and a higher milk production capability than other cow species. Among cattle breeds, Gir cows produce a lot of milk. With curving horns, a rounded and domed forehead (the only highly convex breed in the world), large pendulous ears, and horns that spiral out and back, this cow has a distinctive appearance. “Bhodali,” “Desan,” “Gujarati,” “Kathiawari,” “Sorthi,” and “Surati” are some of the other names for the breed. This is a well-known breed that is highlighted for its stress tolerance. We, Gir Cow Traders, supply our clients with specialized information such as the breed, temperament, medical requirements, eating habits, and expected milk yield of our cattle. In addition, our veterinarian examines all of our dairy animals monthly and provides the necessary vaccinations to keep them healthy.

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