Kankarej Cow

Kankrej Cow Wholesaler

Cattle in India are the most important livestock species and play a major role in the agricultural economy. Kankrej cattle are one of the best choices of renowned dairy farmers who are well aware of the Indian dairy farm business. We, Kankrej Cow Wholesaler provide a highly productive Kankrej cow at an economical cost. Kankrej cattle are huge and powerful. This cow is one of the heaviest breeds of Indian cattle. Skin covers the robust lyre-shaped horns to a greater extent than in other breeds. It can be silver, grey, iron-gray, or steel black in hue. This breed has a high resistance to malaria fever and has a low sickness frequency.  This cow has unmatched genetic merit and can provide a higher income over feed expenditures. Aside from that, it can adapt to a wide range of climatic factors with ease. Kankrej cattle are praised for their speed and strength as working animals. During the lactation phase, the cow produces 1738 kg to 1800 kg of milk.

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