Murrah Buffalo

Dairy Murrah Buffalo Supplier in Karnal

We’re a well-known Dairy Murrah Buffalo Supplier in Karnal. The Murrah Buffalo has a jet-black body with short, sharply curved horns. Their ears are short, alert, and slender, and their eyes are black. Our offered cattle are healthy and energetic. It is the best breed that is exceptionally fertile and resistant to a variety of diseases. Our team of animal lovers works hard to study the behavior and habits of the cattle so that they can be fed and properly treated. The Murrah buffalo has a remarkable yielding capacity that spans between 2500 and 3600 liters per lactation. Its milk fat percentage ranges from 6.5 to 9 percent. Murrah Buffalo fat and SNF percentages are likewise higher than those of other buffalo breeds and double that of cow’s milk. If you want to buy a Black Original Murrah Buffalo, you can get it from us at a fair price.

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