Sahiwal Cow

Brown Sahiwal Cow Supplier in Karnal

The Sahiwal cattle are medium-sized and very appealing. Their body color ranges from brownish red to greyish red. Sahiwal cattle are robust animals. They can withstand extreme heat. This cow is distinguished for producing high-quality milk with high butterfat content (may generate 2270 kg of milk during lactation). The milk from Sahiwal cattle is of high quality and is used to make a variety of milk products. Marwah Dairy Farms provide their cattle special attention; all animals are fed high-quality grass and nutritious staple food, and they are raised in a clean atmosphere. We’re known as Brown Sahiwal Cow Supplier in Karnal. Our Sahiwal cows are famous for their good behavior, temperament, and ability to adapt to a variety of climates. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by meeting their needs and expectations with the highest level of excellence. Customers can come to us to purchase this friendly and efficient cow at a low cost.

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