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Visit The Best Kankrej Cow Trader: Everything To Know About This Cow Breed

Different cow breeds in India have their own set of characteristics and features. One of the most popular breeds that is one of the hardest working ones among various options is Kankrej. This is an Indian native breed used predominantly for cattle and drought purposes. They are forgiving milk and also for transportation and agricultural purposes. There are several breeder and farm services from where one can buy these cow breeds easily. One should thoroughly research and find the best kankrej cow trader for buying cows. Here is what one should know about the kankrej cow breed.


The history of the kankrej breed goes back to the 1800s, in Rann of Kutch in Gujarat and around the area of Rajasthan. This breed is known to graze and is not vulnerable to heat and arid conditions, as Rajasthan and Gujarat are not that moisture heavy. This breed is also resistant to ticks and heat fever. In 1870, the breed was exported from India to Brazil, and in Brazil, they are highly purebred.

Physical Characteristics

This breed is more muscular and lithe in its structure. The males are larger and have a large and pronounced hump between shoulders. Their chest is broad, and the legs are long yet strong making them perfect for various transportation activities. Among different cow breeds, kankrej is medium-sized cattle. Both cow and bull are of dark silver or grey. The male counterparts weigh around 500-590 kgs, and the females are 400-430 kgs. They also have a curved horn of medium size. Cows are obedient in their temperament as compared to bulls. They are also very hardworking and can stay active for longer hours. Both cow and bull reach their maturity at the age of 9 months, and they hit puberty at the age of 12 to 15 months. They can be bred at the age of 12 to 15 months. One can find a reputed kankrej cow wholesaler in India.

Breeding And Milking

One of the best things about this breed is that the cows are fertile, and they easily give birth to healthy and robust calves. The inter-calving cycle of this breed is around 14 to 16 months. They give birth to one calf every year. Also, the quality of the milk produced by these cows is healthy and highly nutritious.

The breeding period of the kankrej breed is around 10 to 12 hours. And the female cattle go into heat every three weeks. The gestation period of a healthy cow is around 20 to 287 days. The gestation period of the male calves is more extended than the heifer calves. This breed hardly ever gives birth to twins and reproduces one calf at a time. Kankrej cows have a lactation period of 10 months, and they can be milked up to 6 weeks after they give birth. The milk produced by these cows is high in nutrition, with around 4.8 percent of butterfat. During the entire lactation period, these cows produce 1700 kg of milk.

Choosing a cow trader can be a tricky thing. There are hundreds of traders like Marwah Dairy Farm out there, and not choosing the right one can cost a lot of money. One should research and check the credentials of the trader before choosing anyone. They should have a variety of cow breeds with them so that one can find the one that they want.

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