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Marwah Dairy Farm is one of the leading merchants and suppliers of dairy cows and buffaloes. We are a well-known Farm that has been in existence since 1950. We are well-known for offering livestock cattle with high milk production capacity in both quantity and quality. Our healthy cattle breed consists of HF Cows, Sahiwal Cows, Sahiwal Bull, Murrah Buffaloes, Murrah Bull, Kankarej Cow, and many other breeds. We maintain a positive outlook towards excellence. With our creative ideas and techniques, we always try to do our best and deliver only healthy, fully vaccinated Buffaloes and Cows to customers from all over India to meet their diverse needs. Furthermore, we work with skilled veterinarians who do periodic herd inspections to ensure the animals’ health. At Marwah Dairy Farm, We assist small/marginal farmers, commercial businesses, and major dairy farming units.

Best Services

As a renowned Dairy Farm Consultancy service provider, we have won the hearts of many people over the years by providing the highest quality livestock services.

Provide Best Environment

Our farm is naturally blessed to offer the best environment for the animals to live in, and each animal is handled with utmost care.

Best Cattle Range

We offer a large selection of cattle with high output thanks to our right blend of traditional and modern dairy farming procedures, offering our clients plenty of choices.

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Best Dairy Farm in Karnal, Haryana ( Marwah Dairy Farm )

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Dairy Cattle Supplier

HF cow supplier in Karnal- Marwah Dairy Farm

Based in Karnal (Haryana, India), we, Marwah Dairy Farm is a proud owner of a massively spread and well-built farm, where cattle are kept for sale and purchase purposes. Our live stock Karnal range includes

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